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Sigward's "Double Triangles" is the best thing you'll see today [Premiere]

If dramatic music and a myriad of colors meshing together in oil is your thing, then this video by Sigward, featuring Tom Tukker and Maarten Emanuel Stok is the video for you. 

The track itself is a stunning soundtrack-esque video that keeps you on edge the entire time while maintaining a simplicity in form and style. It's dramatic nature comes in a happy beauty, the kind that would make today's producers like Ryan Hemsworth happy to hear its sounds. 

the video is also dramatic, but more importantly, it's absolutely stunning. Featuring various colors it looks like an underwater paradise. It was created by the brilliant Waterballet, who's name could not be more accurate as the colors dance throughout the song to create an utterly perfect piece of art in video and music.

Check out the video below! 


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