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E-Prosounds will "Erase" any misconceptions you have about rap music [Video]

It happens all the time: a person who knows nothing about hip hop turns on the TV and sees a music video full with half-naked women and stacks of money. After a mixture of jealousy and disgust sets in, they jump to conclusions and assume that this is the standard that all artists hold themselves to. While this "money, cash, females" type music may be one form of the genre, it's foolish to chastise an entire type of music based on the stylings of a few prominent artists. Even though there isn't anything wrong with the aforementioned style that seems to get a lot of hate from others, E-Prosounds simply isn't about that life.

E-Pro comes from a time where lyrics were held in the highest regard. If you weren't nice with the mic, you would've been eaten alive, or in this case, erased. A self produced joint from the Rockland County spitter, "Erase" is the warning shot for all the wack rappers out there. With a trippy video that borrows from Richard Mosse and his brand of colour infrared film, the laid back beat contrasts well with E-Pro's braggadocios rhymes.

All of you lyrical fans out there will dig this one, as E comes equipped with plenty of punchlines--my favourite being, "you gotta earn this, it takes years of practice/ I never took no roids so my records don't have asterisks"--that call out the flavour-of-the-week rappers who are only in it for the fame. Sure, calling out fake cats has grown to be a hip hop cliche, but E-Pro's got the energy and the talent to back it up. E-Prosounds' The Divine Mind is out now, so pick it up today and show some love to the New York native. 


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