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El Gant drops science on 'Beast Academy' [Album Stream]

Like all art forms, hip-hop assumes different forms as time goes on and new characters change the game. But for all of you stuck-in-the-'90s heads, you'll appreciate the latest release from El Gant: the type of guy who'd die before putting on a pair of skinny jeans. A 10-track heater that reveals the NY spitter's versatility on the mic, Beast Academy is far from resumé padding; Gant comes correct with his mesmerizing wordplay over a number of blazing instrumentals from JOAT.

Coming from a lineage of lyrical assassins, it's only natural that Gant states facts while supporting his claims without coming across as longwinded. Gant doesn't care about your feelings or if he has to piss a few people off in order to get his point across, a refreshing change-up that contemporary artists need to adopt. Of course, he is in good company on this album; El Da Sensei, Ill Bill, and Torae all make appearances that help to reinforce Academy's ethos.  With JOAT's sinister production style and El Gant's dynamic bars, Beast Academy is a slam dunk in the fullest sense. Stream the album down below and definitely pick this one up on iTunes. 

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