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Kodomo sees the beauty in all, illustrates it with "Orange Ocean" [Premiere]

If you're looking for something to pump you up before going out, this isn't it. If you want something with a driving formulated beat, move on to the next song. But if warm contemplative synths are something you're in the market for, stay a while. The water is fine. Kodomo, Brooklyn-based Chris Childs, is the latest to break through in the IDM world. His music is heavily influenced by his Japanese upbringing in the neo-futurism culture of '80s Tokyo.

Downtempo beats, intentionally sullen warmth, and introspective chord progressions come together for his third full studio album, Patterns & Light. In anticipation of the release on July 22nd, Kodomo has graciously awarded us an exclusive of our favorite track on the LP—"Orange Ocean". Like most music, this song was inspired the beauty of nature in an unlikely place. "There was dark orange light around the sun reflected in the waves of the ocean out on Long Island… it had quite a mesmerizing quality to it." With faint resemblances to early Ratatat made with ears like eyes, Patterns & Light is sure to be a mellow hit for all you chill IDM lovers.

Downtempo · IDM


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