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Tove Styrke gets loud [Interview]

Now that summer is just about here, you’ll probably be getting ready to lace up your All-Stars and meet your buds in the schoolyard to trash talk before you start a fierce game of stick ball, right? Well, maybe not. But that’s probably what you feel like doing when you hear Swedish songstress Tove Styrke’s new single “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You”, which was released in May.

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Now, the patty-cake beat and staccato vocals, reminiscent of The Ting Tings’ “That’s Not My Name”, are taken to a more in your face level with the release of the accompanying music video, which literally features a close up of Tove’s shouty mouth. The backup dancers keep the fun going but the quick pace and visual affects give it the edge it needs to break away from the typical pop image. We had a chance to get some more info from Tove about the pop scene, Swedish Idol and having more fun. This time, she is talking to us:


Earmilk: What was your inspiration for "Even if I'm Loud…”?


Tove Styrke: Well I wrote the verses on a few different topics. The main thing though was about claiming space, on a stage for example. It provokes me that people don’t do this on the same terms. The inequality between genders is maybe the most obvious problem.


EM: What have you been up to, besides creating "Even if I'm Loud..", in the past few years?


TS: Working and writing for the most part. I’ve been sort of rebooting my brain to not take the industry as seriously, it makes the creative process a lot smoother if you can just have fun with it.


EM: What do you think makes you stand out from other young women breaking into the pop scene?


TS: Why should I compete with other young women in the pop scene? Can we please get more amazing young women onto the pop scene!


EM: Do you feel grateful for Swedish Idol or do you feel like it may have hindered you in any way?


TS: I wouldn’t say that I’m grateful, but I don’t feel hindered, no. It’s a very confusing thing to break through to an audience in such a commercial way. You can’t just say ”Ok go! Now you’re a music artist!” because you’re not. You have to become that, while everybody is watching. I’m starting to suspect that I won’t ever feel like I am one. But I’m having a lot of fun with my music and right now I’m at a place where I feel more creative than ever.


EM: Who are your influencers & why?


TS: Anybody who somehow broadens my perspective in pop. Like the Shaking The Habitual show with The Knife was so great in that sense. 


EM: What has been your favorite performance so far?


TS: I don’t know really, because this is something that I would like to rethink altogether. I mean, isn’t it weird that, every time somebody (who isn’t a band with instruments) is going on a tour, you hire musicians to copy what you’ve spent months on creating in a computer? Yes it is! When you could just bring the tracks and a VJ and some hoolahoopers or whatever that is fun to watch. I mean the sound is rarely improved if you just recreate it but with ”real live instruments”. And often when you go watch things live today, most of what you hear are backtracks anyway. I’m definitely gonna come up with a way for myself to have more fun with this!


EM: Where & with whom would your dream collaboration and/or performance take place?


TS: I would love to work with Grimes. And Beyonce can call me any day!


EM: If you could sum up Tove Styrke's message or attitude in one word, what would it be? Explain.


TS: Oh can we please ask somebody else? I believe it inflicts great damage on a person to look at oneself that way. Every time someone answers that question, the interviewer can thank themselves for just creating a tiny little Kanye West monster.


If you couldn’t tell already, Tove is here to stay and she doesn’t care who knows it. Check out the video below:


Tove Styrke

"Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You

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