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Towkio brings the heat on his debut EP 'Hot Chips and Chop Stix'

 Towkio (formally Tokyo Shawn) has finally released his EP Hot Chips N Chopstix, which features his two most recent singles “Abstract” and “Sh!t 2.0”. Although the EP consists of only four tracks, Hot Chips N Chopstix boasts a surprising degree of breadth, with each track showcasing a different sound then the last. From the upbeat and light “American Apparel Girls” to the intense and boisterous “Sh!t 2.0”, Towkio effectively demonstrates that he can do it all.

 The EP begins with the eccentric and collage like “Abstract”, which contains sliced up samples of Sway and Kanye’s now infamous and often quoted radio interview. This is seemingly appropriate seeing that the track’s subject matter is that of Towkio’s musical genius, which is a slight at Kanye’s exuberant rants on his own genius. Towkio emulates his own inner Kanye best when he boasts, “God damn I’m important/Got a mind worth exploring/That’s a mind full of gold get your portion”.  The extended-play then shits to the brazen “Sh!t 2.0” that features fellow SAVEMONEY affiliates Joey Purp and Kami De Chukwu. As “Sh!t 2.0” comes to a simmer, the mellow stabbing chords of “American Apparel Girls” come sweeping in, making for a extremely smooth transition. Produced by A Billion Young, who produced the EP in its entirety, “American Apparel Girls” soundscape is extremely lively and has a groove to it that anybody could get behind.  The EP comes to a close with its strongest and most diverse track “Ready”, which vibes transforms from a bright and bouncy to slowed and screwed. Just as you think Towkio is slowing down, Towkio attacks with a hyper aggressive version of the hook as he yells “I said I’m ready/ I can’t wait” over and over. “Ready” perfectly closes out the EP in a exhilarating fashion.

 Hot Chips N Chopstix is like a roller coaster, starts steady, becomes exhilarating, slows down, and then ends with a dramatic conclusion, and also like a roller coaster listening to Hot Chips N Chopstix is an exceptionally fun ride. Support Towkio by downloading Hot Chips N Chopstix or by streaming it on his Soundcloud. 

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Hot Chips N Chopstix

  • 2014-05-14
Hip-Hop · Rap


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