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Leather Corduroys assist TOWKIO on the explosive "Sh!t 2.0"

SAVEMONEY is taking 2014 by storm. Attacking on all fronts with the current release of Leather Corduroys debut EP PMVT and with the string of singles that TOWKIO has been releasing over the past month leading up to his debut EP Hot Chips and Chop Stix. And attack they do on TOWKIO's most recent single "Sh!T 2.0".

"Sh!T 2.0" is an explosive track that showcases both TOWKIO's and Leather Corduroy's raw talent. The SAVEMONEY members' unleash a barrage of visceral raps, over an immense cinematic beat produced by A Billion Young, which samples Watch the Throne's "Lift Off". TOWKIO immediately seizes the attention of the listener with a boisterous lyrical delivery as he raps "Young Toky, Young Toky/ You see me, you know me/ You know all my homies my hair back; I look like Hiroki/ These bitches they send me emojis". Within the bar, TOWKIO showcases his lyrical adeptness with a reference to that of famed Japanese fashion designer Hiroki Nakumara, whom TOWKIO does share a striking resemblance to. Coming right after TOWKIO's hook, Kami de Chukwu lays down a devastating verse with some very wordplay like, "B*tch, international features/ Ass thick like the accent when she speakin'". Joey Purp cleans up on the last verse rapping about being on the sh!ts and references famed fashion designer Rei Kawakubo.

With continual excellent releases, SAVEMONEY is poised to establish themselves as one of the most talented groups in Hip-Hop. Be sure too stay up to date on all their latest releases by following SAVEMONEY, TOWKIO, and Leather Corduroys on Soundcloud.

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