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NERVO's 'Inspired': a personal look at Liv and Mim's eclectic electronic journey [Exclusive]

We all have a story that tells our journey through music, and its the the Inspired series's mission to introduce us to the past and present musical influences of some of electronic's biggest stars. For the sophmore release in the series, the Australian, sisterly duo of NERVO join fellow countryman Tommy Trash to bring us a selection of their favorite tracks from now and then. As two of the most recognizable faces in the dance industry, Liv and Mim Nervo have captured the hearts of artists and fans alike through their high-flying productions and lighthearted approach to life. In fact, when asked what is the biggest disadvantage to being women in the industry, the two quipped that drying their hair topped the list, while more free clothes were their recompense.

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Though widely known in the electronic sphere for mega hits, such as "Like Home" and "You're Gonna Love Again", the Australian musicians have also had their hand in productions for the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Britney Spears, and Kelly Rowland. While their role in these works may not have been widely publicized, Liv and Mim assert, "It feels like it was all meant to pan out this way," when talking about their progressive growth into the spotlight. Today, however, NERVO's influence in the scene cannot be doubted, as the two women have sought to push the boundaries of sound with enlightening productions that showcase their broad taste.

"It was great to be able to take a trip down memory and remember the records that influenced us and probably inspired a lot of our peers, too. Electronic music has so many great textures and genres, from deep house to tech house to electro to garage. Music is about expression, individuality and ultimately creativity. If we can spread a bit of that through [the Inspired compilation and] NERVO Nation then we're super happy."

Out yesterday on iTunes, the Inspired compilation CDs perfectly embodies this, a full 32 tracks that range from Frankie Knuckles's classic 1987 hit, "Your Love", to the sister's own exclusive, "Sunshine Through Rain Clouds". For NERVO it's all about music that inspires, connects, and is, of course, fun. Read on for a personal look at Liv and Mim, where we asked them about their biggest vices, what gives them a hangover, and words they live their life by.


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NERVO: Mim | Liv Anthem: Chris Malinchak - "So Good To Me" Hot Natured, Ali Love - "Benediction" I'd like to dedicate this song to ___. My brother Ibiza sun Drink of choice: I like to alternate between dirty martini's and vodka lime soda - with LOTS of lime Whiskey. Single malt or blend is fine. I like it with soda. But I'm hungover after _____ every time I'm in LDN bc my friends are crazy mad shots Person to meet (living or dead): Marylyn Monroe - I'd like to know the truth behind her affairs. haha Princess Diana or Princess Ann. Love a royal scandal. Rock, paper, or scissors? Rock. I nice diamond thank you.  scissors - incase I need to stab someone (JOKE!) I always need scissors to cut my hair Pick two: food, music, sex, money, or love. WOW - this is HARD! erm... love and food (and sex and music) Love and money (because then you could have sex with the one you love and you can buy good food) Qualities in a love interest: fun. fun. honestry, truth, fun Truth, strength and a sense of humour I could never have enough ____ pizza or family time sleep My greatest fear: losing people I love No wifi! Ha! When I need space, I _______. If I want to relax I like to take a bath. But for space, there's no place like Portsea back beach in Victoria. I watch box sets. Am obsessed with Game Of Thrones right now. Life's biggest mystery: why are we here on earth? living this life is a bit of a mystery innit Whether fate exists or not.  My biggest vice: Pizza - breakfast, lunch and dinner.  curfews - I'm not very good at keeping them. Favorite track I've helped write: Drowning for Armin Van Buuren. Hmmm.. Or maybe Boots and Boys for Ke$ha When Love Takes Over for David Guetta and We're All No One (for us) Artist who is most fun to collaborate with: R3hab is good fun. He has 10 million ideas one second. We all have a bit of ADD and OCD I think. Kesha was fun. We were all young dreamers I'd like to sing a duet with _____. Freddy Mercury would be cool.  Prince. A perfect day: Pizza in bed. At a hotel (so they clean it up afterwards), with my friends and a great box set, and some cocktails Having a beer in the sun with my friends whilst being on a holiday.  World view: Do unto others. All you need is love. Words to live by: Life should me a little nuts. Show me a hot girl and I'll show you 10 guys sick of fucking her.






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