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Love Mansuy x S.U.C.K. "Pilot" their way to unexplored territory

 Canada-based artist Love Mansuy is at it again. With help from French producer, S.U.C.K. (Symphony Used to Color Knowledge), Love Mansuy took S.U.C.K.'s instrumental track "Plane" and put an updated spin on things. Adding some subtle but detailed touches to the production and adding soulful R&B vocals of his own, the final product, "Pilot" has really taken flight. We've covered several of Love Mansuy's recent releases including "Super Sad" and "Meant It", and we're excited to see him continue to drop the quality tracks. As for "Pilot", Love Mansuy croons lyrics of a brief relationship before a mysterious "she" character crashes and burns the relationship he is singing about. In no way do we wish any bad relationships on Love Mansuy, but if he can create another song on heartache of this quality, maybe we're hoping he gets stood up on his next date just so we can hear him sing about it.

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Electronic · R&B · Soul


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