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Try to stay sober while watching Young Thug's "Stoner" video

Young Thug has become the internet's latest rap obsession; his questionable fashion forward style and his impossible to recreate vocal delivery help fan the flames of his budding career centered around his sheer aloofness towards cultural norms. Hip hop, a genre filled with bravado and macho bars, has found itself under the sway of a high pitched, screeching melodic prince, who finds a way to both don a dress and sell drugs, while downing his second glass of lean—nobody in the South Bronx could have ever predicted this day, which makes it all the better.

His two major singles, "Stoner" and "Danny Glover", introduced a brand new sound into the landscape; one that reinvented or pushed traditional ideas to their limit, forcing our musical imaginations to expand. They were destined to and have become hits, especially with his charismatic personality leading the way.

Finally, Young Thug has decided to bless fans with a video for one of his two major records, "Stoner". If you needed his weirdness confirmed, take a peek at these Be El Be directed visuals. For a song that promotes a druggie lifestyle, you expect a fair amount of smoke and maybe some strange camera work, but these two take it to the extreme. Certain colors drown out others (check out his red fury hat) and scenes shot in strange colors (purple sky anyone), which help give off a psychedelic vibe. In fact, at one point a character in the odd story running throughout, actually begins to hallucinate and his friends nearly fry their brains. The entire experience is peculiar, but in a bizarrely entertaining Young Thug way. 

If you haven't already stock piling Young Thug's free releases, you should start immediately. They are spread out all over the internet, but he does have some mixtapes on the major sites. Check out the video and find more of his quality music, you want be disappointed or bored.

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