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Chrome Canyon paints "Colours in the Sky" with funky version of the Miami Horror original [Premiere]

Australia has become the most musically innovative country in the world. They've got everything from repurposed R&B funk to bouncing club bangers, and it's all pretty much amazing. Melbourne band Miami Horror situate themselves in a different facet of the musical spectrum with their indie synthpop sound and new wave electronica feel. Their latest track and associated video for "Colours in the Sky" has proven a great anticipatory release before their next album, due later this year.

Stones Throw artist and New York Resident, Chrome Canyon, took his signature future synth style and reimagined "Colours in the Sky" to what our grandparents dreamed the future would look and sound like. With vintage analogue synthesizers and a new age style, Morgan Z's remix paints Miami Horror's hiptronica tune into a beautifully chill 90 BPM masterpiece fit for a Bob Ross soundtrack (if he even needed one). With its wide funky basslines and gliding portamento riffs, Chrome Canyon's remix provides a sexy flavour palette most can only dream of producing in this modern musical age.

Get down with the funk of Chrome Canyon's excessively laudable remix and get ready for Miami Horror's upcoming third album.

Dreamwave · Hiptronica · New Wave · Synth


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