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Album Walkthrough of Toast with Buttering Trio [Exclusive]

Buttering Trio is a group that calls Tel Aviv home and have been flagged by the likes of Hudson Mohawke and Snoop Dogg as an act to know, and finally, their album is ready to see the light of day. EARMILK was able to get together and walk through the album with them and hear about the album through their eyes. 

Check out the album below! 

1. Mean to Me
What first started just as a wicked beat turned out to be a jazz standard cover and one of our favorite tunes. the heavy bass-line and funky chords make a perfect playground for keren's smooth vox 


2. Ganja Man
A song about the times when you don't have weed and ask a friend to get you some. Sounds kinda like Fela Kuti in space eating shrooms. 
Originally written by Gal Yaron Meirson and Rejoicer in a time of herb distress.


3. Falafel
The 3 of us oppose the israeli occupation in the palestinians territories. MAKE FALAFEL NOT WAR 
Originally Keren's beat, adding Beno and Maya Dunietz's lyrics and Rejoicer's samples from Om Kultum, this tune has become our anthem. 


4 . Tired Love
Rejoicer's beat and the first tune we had for Toast, was a super fast and delightful studio work long side Keren's sister - Maya Dunietz 


5. 27
Made in Beno's studio on Rejoicer's birthday - you can actually hear Keren singing happy birthday (in hebrew) if you reverse the track 


6. No Joke
This is Beno's beat which was just perfect for the trio - super chill out new school hip hop vibe, vocals were recorded on first take with spring reverb + overdrive + tape delay and no dry signal. 


7. Take Me Somewhere 
Originally KerenDun's beat, this organic sounding 5/4 rhythm is for the sensitive ear.


8. Berliner 
Composed in the old Wrangel 666 studios in Berlin with Amit Alcalai and Gal Yaron Meirson, Berliner is an weird funky instrumental beat, giving the hazy feel of the old studio.


9. Voyage
Made as a live soundtrack for Georges Melies' silent movie from 1904 "The Impossible Voyage" - this eventually became kind of a pop song with a spacey edge. 


10. Fall Into Abyss
Originally Beno's beat, Ibiza, aka 'Fall Into Abyss' was densely crafted to get the right sphere, a flowing world of beat and harmony on which a story of self dis-assembling is told.
11. I am Dracula
Scary and banging - we recorded so much percussion it was pretty ridiculous.


12. Oneness on Vinyl
An early track, should definitely come watch a live show to catch our remix.


Thanks Buttering Trio. Make sure to snag the album today!






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