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Ryshon Jones asks "Why You Wanna Be Perfect?"

It doesn't always happen, but it's honestly amazing when male lyricists just sort of get a girl. When Chromeo's "Over Your Shoulder" came out, I think any girl could read the lyrics and think to themselves that this was a guy that just understood everything that made a girl tick and how to make it all better (seriously, whoever is Dave-1's girl... she's got it damn lucky). 

Ryshon Jones is following next in suite by going against the media industry's willful insistence on holding impossibly high standards for women by creating a music video for "Why You Wanna Be Perfect," which is off of his latest project Hope is a Dangerous Thing. He delves into the psyche of women and their desire to reach unattainable heights of beauty. Between social media, the entertainment industry, and the world of photoshop, it seems that the female population is driving themselves crazy to be something that no one is. 

It's definitely relatable for everyone, and Jones manages to open the subject to both girls and boys as he finds a middle ground to walk through. Overall, it's definitely nice to hear lyrics that push forth inner beauty more than the external. 

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  • It's not my aim to be perfect, but at least I do try for form a decent sentence... there is little to no excuse for him to leave out the word "do" in that songtitle.

    Avatar ManLemon April 30, 2014 9:33 AM Reply
  • Hey yo fuck you, you dickhead "ManLemon" That's a silly ass user name, you silly ass elephant. Who cares about the title? Why don't you just appreciate the song and what it brings to the table and how it's altering the rap game. Damn, people like you make this world a piece of shit you piece of shit. Damn.

    Avatar Tori April 30, 2014 6:36 PM Reply

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