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INTIMATCHINE stirs up dark-wave seduction on 'I'll Eat You Last' EP [Premiere]

LA based duo INTIMATCHINE (a.k.a. Chelsey Holland and Christopher Wormald) are caught in the grog of a post-coital comedown. Ex-lovers and ongoing band mates since 2008, their synth-goth droning finds its first release with the 5-track EP, I’ll Eat You Last. Strung out on woeful synths, effects-driven guitar, and aching, female vocals, INTIMATCHINE chalks up an industrial soundscape that’s equally bleak and beautiful, angst in its most alluring form.


I’ll Eat You Last EP drops April 14 via Strange Paradise on limited edition cassette (100 copies), with a digital release to come later this month. "Heavenly Creatures" can be streamed below.


Stream: INTIMATCHINE - Heavenly Creatures




I'll Eat You Last EP

  • Strange Paradise
  • 14.04.2014


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