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Discover exactly why The Blancos are such 'Heartless Romantics' on new EP

The Blancos continue to make an urgent, fast-paced push towards stardom with the release of their highly anticipated 6-song effort entitled the Heartless Romantic EP. With only close to 90 days in existence, the duo has accomplished more than many others do in a year or two. It is without question due to their genre-defying, hybrid sound that has truly yet to exist so beautifully in the musical landscape, either past or present.

The EP floats like a butterfly, but stings like a bee. It bobs and weaves in between stadium deserving rock anthems and introspective grunge music, with a twist of everything from electronic to hip hop to soul. It's always interesting, constantly startling you at every turn. "Heartless Romantic" and "Bathroom" are the standouts in my opinion, although I don't know if that'd be the case without the contrast of the likes of "Lemon Garden" and "Losing Sleep". It's hard to say anything like this has ever been conceived before, making it that much more exciting to see where their career goes next.

If you're in Canada next month (and more specifically Toronto), make sure to check Blanco 1 & Blanco 2 out at CMW aka Canadian Music Week. Peep the schedule and ticketing info here. Let us know of your thoughts on the EP as well.



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