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letthemusicplay preaches "In The Beginning" [Premiere]

The only mystery left about leftthemusicplay is their identity, as the faceless group have cemented their status as phenomenal electronic producers. "Bright", their last single, came coupled with two remixes, both by UK artists beloved by the blogoshphere: the dreamy house magician, Psychemagik, and inventive non-conformist Jakwob. Lauded by a host of industry standards (iD, MixMag and more) the unknown musicians continue their anonymous takeover of the electronic soundscape with "In The Beginning". Joined by Marshall Jefferson and U.T.R.B., the track furthers letthemusicplay's stellar ability and keen ear for captivating a listener. At its heart, the work becomes a journey guided by Jefferson's voice through the history of house music, comically describing its growth from neanderthal days. However, the track is no joke, as slappy synths and an infectious bassline make grooving all too easy. Keep an ear out for the April 28th release off Junkdog Records, which will include remixes by Doc Daneeka, Tom Bulwer, and Jackin'.

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ITB packshot


"In The Beginning"

  • Junkdog Records
  • 2014-04-03


Dance · Electronic · Exclusive


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