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Disciples and Shadow Child work together for "Posion Arrow"

There's something so perfect about the UK dance scene that I love. The soulful component that has long since been abandoned by other dance cultures is heavily revered and in many ways preserved in the UK culture. It's amazing to imagine the old days of dance still thriving inside the grimy clubs of Northern England and pumping through the veins of the present day. 

Anyways, the reason why I mention this is because Pete Tong's FFRR Records has scored massively with their signees Disciples, a trio of producers that have brought attitude back into dance music. They teamed up with Shadow Child to bring out "Poison Arrow," which brings fun lyrics and a danceable beat that reminds me of music that thrived ten years back. 

If this doesn't do rounds at festivals this year, then I must be losing touch. This track will be released right as the summer is kicking off; check it out June 8th

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Poison Arrow (Feat. Shadow Child)

  • FFRR Records
  • June 8th, 2014


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