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Austin-based Producer VVV releases majestic "Separate Planes" [Premiere]

Texas based producer VVV is the brainchild of Shawhin Izaddoost, who's previously released work under labels such as Fortifed AudioTube 10 and Sound of the Cosmos. This time around, he's set for a release under the Seattle label Hush Hush, with his EP Separate Planes coming out April 21st

The title track, which I've been wonderfully given the chance to premiere, is a stunning and emotionally heavy piece that plays on the sampling of female vocals laid over a textualized beat. It's grand and majestic, almost a bit like prayer music, if we lived in a sort of Asian fantasy world of bright colors and chants. The track plays to the heart well, and it's hard not to enjoy these sounds. Overall, VVV is set to release a stunning collection of songs, with the title track being just the tip of the iceberg. 




Separate Grammar

  • Hush Hush
  • April 21, 2014
Chillstep · Electronic


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