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Photay releases a trippy free EP and music video exclusively for EARMILK

Photay's debut EP is one of the trippiest, outlandish and mind opening pieces of work I've had the pleasure of listening to. If there was an outside the box of the outside of the box, this EP is it. The Samsara EP very recently debuted on HighOnBeats, a fresh new music label dedicated to other worldly dance sounds and experimental bass pioneers, at the convenient price of free.

The current home of Photay is New York City, and it seems that there are more and more unique producers coming out of the artist mecca recently. Even off the top of my head Branchez, Whiskers Po, Mess Kid, Obey City, DKDS, and Michael Jukeson ring a bell. The sounds Photay seems most familiar with are...well, all of them. He somehow seamlessly pulls influence from sonic palettes that span across genres and continents into his own signature sound.

Expect a vinyl release from the Brooklyn based label of sonic cosmonauts Astronautico sometime this summer, make sure to grab the free EP,and check out the official music video produced by Mita Mine Lab !


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