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IndianRedLopez 'Commit' to their upcoming album [Premiere]

While hip hop is the bread and butter I could never ever leave behind, IndianRedLopez reminded me enough of my weird indie rock days in junior high school for me to take this on.

This is the Scottish bands second full album release, and it highlights an emotional depth and significant growth since their first record. Commit brings on a sound and style similar to the likes of 2000's era-d independent rock leaders the like of We Are Scientist and Interpol. Personal track highlights include "Taking a Fall For Me" and "Signal Novice."

With a style that will touch all 20-somethings in a special way, IndianRedLopez highlight that when it comes to band-work, Scotland natives seem to know how to create something grand, emotional, and impacting.


Indie · Post-Rock


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