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The Indie Sabbath 10

A Quick Word from the Authors:

Despite the absurd yet morbidly realistic car crash at SXSW this past week, as with many of life's drastic instances we continue to keep our wheels churning, even through the lowest of moments. This too was the music scene, which carried its forward momentum further down the silver-lined path that the opening segment of this year has spoiled us with. 

Frank Ocean's spirited vocals, Diplo's keen sense of timing and two parts of the The Clash's quirkiness can all be found in the collaborative release of "Hero", the next installment in the notable Converse-sponsored Three Artist. One Song series. After a long leave of absence from their two highly regarded studio albums Friendly Fires are back with "Before Your Eyes", a collaboration with The Asphodells that will be released on an AA-sided single on March 31st. Having recorded new material with Blur, that supposedly may never see the light of day, Damon Albarn was joined on The FADER FORT at SXSW by Snoop Dog and two parts of Deltron 3030 to perform "Clint Eastwood" live for the first time with both vocal contributors.

Smooth, laid-back and transcendental, this week's Sabbath brings you music from the experimental electronic realm of the indie spectrum. Instead of focusing only on the past week of the niche sound we are offering up a mix of what has passed us by and newer material that all carry a constant theme throughout. Sticking with three playlists that represent the tame, explosive and eye-opening states of mind that can soundtrack a specific portion of your day we urge you to sit back, pop on some headphones and allow yourself to be taken by the lush soundscapes.

- Aaron Thomas & Anna Murphy

Bees Knees

The Bees Knees

In case you only want to scratch the surface of the Sabbath we offer the cream of the crop, highlighting what should be indefinitely considered when crafting a playlist.
The Pasture: Foals / Booka Shade - "My Number" / "Charlotte" (RÜFÜS cover)
The Kindle: Duke Dumont - "I Got U" (Bondax Remix)
The Tryptophan: Daughter - "Smother" (Tennyson Remix)

The Indie Gift Basket

The Indie Gift Basket


  • The Pasture Less is more -- slow-churned nights need a soundtrack too, and relaxation is underrated. 
  • The Kindle represents a peak of accessibility where the masses will be drawn to the raw energy exposed throughout.
  • Lastly, in The Tryptophan indie gets plugged. What ups the ante more than experimental electronics and synths?

The Pasture

The Pasture


Drawing from hushed textures the intersection between folk and translucent melodies can surprisingly be seamlessly navigated. So kick back, chill out or fall asleep – but be sure to stream the easy-going tracks below for the epitome of mellow. Highlights include RÜFÜS' venturing cover/crossover of Foals' "My Number" and Booka Shade's "Charlotte" and Tame Impala transforming Michael Jackson's "Stranger In Moscow" into a mellow dreamscape.

The Kindle

The top forty that no one knows, the songs that you pop on that party playlist, the tracks you belt while driving 80 MPH on a dessert highway, or the jams you blast alone in your bedroom, rocking out with your socks on, solo style. Wherever you are, you’re in for a treat by way of indie beats. Highlights from the always inspiring duo Bondax who present their take of Duke Dumont's "I Got U" (feat. Jax Jones) and Vanic's powerful electo remix of Birdy's "Skinny Love".

The Tryptophan

The Tryptophan

The Tryptophan is a playlist for the forward-minded individuals, filled with everything from airy ascending melodies to mind-bending beats that work to spark a progressive, yet equally grounded mindset. Highlights include Tennyson's jazzy, experimental and playful remix of Daughter's "Smother" and Hounded //'s chilled-out "Us" that offers up mellow tones to fuel day dreaming.

Fresh Milk


It’s simple--we’re bringing you three different playlists; one for you mellow manatees, one for you vibrant vipers and one for you hazy honey badgers. So whether you’re a homebody who needs a backtrack to lying on the couch or a rabble-rousing hipster looking to paint the town tonight, we’ve got a perfect playlist for you. Enjoy & as always, feedback welcome.


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