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Isaiah Rashad takes a frigid stroll through city streets in "Heavenly Father" video

Right now, it feels like Top Dawg Entertainment  can't be stopped. Only three months into the new year, and they have already unleashed two quality full projects that have garnered rave reviews: Schoolboy Q's Oxymoron and Isaiah Rashad's Cilvia Demo. Since the first week in January, fans have rarely gone over seven days without a new video from one of their favorite artists to nibble on; ensuring that the TDE brand stays on listeners minds and to elevate their talented roster above their peers. This small independent record label is waging a full frontal assault on the industry at large—a battle they currently find themselves dominating. 

This weeks visual treatment comes from the youngest emcee in the group, Isaiah Rashad. Cilvia Demo was an introspective and personal journey through the process of maturing and becoming an adult; shifting from moments of deep vulnerability to arrogant defiance in a matter of a few lines, this confusion made it so intriguing. "Heavenly Father" artfully put these themes front and center, giving the listener an inside tour of the young emcees developing psyche. It is a definite highlight from the album, demonstrating Rashad's talent for songwriting and his ear for superb production.

In the Eric Swiz directed video, viewers follow Rashad as he takes a tour through wintry New York City. He walks alone one these streets, left only with his thought that have become frozen with indifference. As he plows through the snow, his passion for his art burns brighter and hotter; until the eventual climax, where he performs in an empty amphitheater: signifying his personal dedication to the craft, whether fans listen or ignore his hard work. It is not a video that contains nail biting moments, but it is rather beautiful and poignant. The minimal scenes provide more context for his words, which adds to the significance of the experience and doesn't detract one's attention from the song itself. 

Isaiah Rashad and the rest of TDE are in the midst of a serious year. If these next few months go according to plan, they will have been catapulted to the top of the food chain. While he is the latest addition to the family, Rashad has done nothing but provide quality music to listeners, which has solidified a place among his label-mates. Look out world!

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