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Shaun Frank Continues to Impress with His "Club Covers"

Not long ago, Shaun Frank burst onto the scene with his huge club cover of The Neighbourhood's "Sweater Weather," and today we're featuring the second installment of Frank's innovative concept: his "Club Covers". What is a "club cover" you may ask? Different from a typical remix, Shaun produces the instrumental and actually covers the vocals of the track himself. After a huge response to his "Sweater Weather" cover, Frank returns with another, this time turning his attention to John Newman's "Love Me Again." Mr. Newman's originals never fail to disappoint, so in this case, Mr. Frank merely takes the track to another level. 









Armed with a fantastic voice and solid production skills, Frank has risen amongst the ranks and is currently one of the most in-demand artists in Toronto, Canada's EDM hotbed. This track has an almost soulful vocal cover, and is complemented by a hard-hitting, clubworthy electro beat that we've heard has been blowing up in all of Frank's sets. To sweeten the deal, this track is a free download: grab it, bump it, and if you're a DJ yourself we recommend you toss it into your sets this weekend -- you won't be disappointed. 



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