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Revisit Gent Mason's Entrancing "Eden"

It's been a while since Gent Mason released his stellar debut "Eden". Somehow we missed it (we'll blame our inundated inboxes), so rather late than never,  we're revisiting it for you. The London bred artist surfaced last fall with the single, where he sings longingly over a beautiful, spacious self-produced beat. Simply put, there's vulnerability in "Eden" that keeps you hitting repeat. He injects the track with sensuality, making it the kind of late-night, yearning R&B with contrasting ethereal vocals (and that entrancing female vocal loop keeps you singing along to yourself, which is yet another reason why I felt compelled to make sure this was on the site).  

"Eden" dropped last fall, followed by his second single "Head," which you can also stream below.

Gent Mason's debut is available via Aesop, the young label that brought us SOHN, on limited 12" here.

Electronic · Indie · R&B


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