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Chloe Martini transcends the galaxy with with "PrimeTme" remix

Released last September as a part of her second album, Electric Lady, Janelle Monáe's "PrimeTime" came as a romantic, rose-filled bottle of joyous incense. Featuring the oh-so-sexy vocals of Miguel, the track not only boasts an impressive gathering of two talented artists on one track, but also guarantees a luxuriously powerful listening experience. Monáe's album was released off Atlantic Records back in 2013 and now, the historic label has set forth the star-gaze inducing Chloe Martini remix that you see below. A 20 year-old music producer from Poland, Chloe Martini is not new to the producing and composing scene. She began composing instrumental film scores as a teenager, and the past couple of years have seen her transport her talents into making music in the electronic genre. Peep her remix below and listen to the groovy bass and string additions that add a magical touch to the track, taking you into that dreamy, galactic realm that you usually only see on movie screens. 

Electronic · R&B


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