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BH and Dixonbeats artfully tweak that sense of "Wonder" with their remix of the Adventure Club original

Montreal based electronic duo Adventure Club is arguably one of the most sought after groups in the genre, who’ve remixed everyone from Foxes to Kanye West. But this time around UK producer BH and Dixonbeats collaborated to put their own spin on Adventure Club’s hauntingly beautiful track “Wonder,” taking it into chillstep territory with just the right amount of dub elements. These talented producers artfully tweaked aspects of “Wonder” in such a way that you would believe that they were there to begin with, namely the original vocals over gorgeously layered synths and a compound melody that draws the listener in. A frequent flier in the dance blogosphere, producer BH will surely continue to grow in accordance with the current trends on both remixes of the big names in dubstep and through his own creative works. 

Chillstep · Dubstep


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