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Dance like a "G.I.P.S.Y." with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike

Brothers and musical partners Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have finally released their "G.I.P.S.Y." track with the help of the BoostedKids duo and the Mostiko label. The track comes at you with the energy of a typical electro house song, but brings with it an essence to get down like a gypsy, if you will. The funky flute paired with the ambitious bass and drum line makes for one hell of a song to dance your heart out to. The build is nothing but grimey; it starts out with a solo flute and slowly adds more until your head is on the verge of exploding. If the drop came any later, that might have just been the case, too. The track is out now on Beatport, so check it out, but only if you're ready to dance.

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Electro · House


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