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Tender Sleep explores a new realm with 1愛のテーマ

New York based beat-smith opens a new portal of music with his latest track titled "1愛のテーマ". Tender Sleep  takes influence from Com Truise, Unicorn Kid, and a vast array of 80's synth pop artists as it is heard in his collection of synthesizers. With an impressive arsenal of a Juno 106, Korg polysix, and Yamaha dx7 any snyth pop history buff would be astonished with his vault of sounds.

You might expect some 8-bit samples or some J-pop girl group vocal samples, but not for 1愛のテーマ. This tune brings a comprehensive lo-fi approach of what one would classify as chill wave disco. With a slow but captivating start the snyth leads combined with the hard bassline creates a content mood as the track progresses. After a little minimalizaton of percussion hits a powerful buzzing synth lead is added to the composition. Be mindful of the simple but effective percussion arrangement of the whole record.


Electro Soul · Lo-Fi · Synth Pop


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