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Cloud Nothings give you "Psychic Trauma"

Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings has always been a lo-fi favorite. Turning On (2009) and their eponymous release (2011) were equal parts catchy and crunchy. Who could forget “Hey Cool Kid?” Attack On Memory (2012) featured a notable increase in production value but the same frenetic energy and infectious hooks.

Here and Nowhere Else, dropping April 1st, is yet another step up in production. “Psychic Trauma” is the second track released from the album (following the crisp “I’m Not Part Of Me”). Opening with bright punk drums and chugging rhythm guitar, Baldi’s lyrics and delivery contain the quintessential energetic melancholy that make this group great. It may open similar to the previously released single, but it takes a hard left with a tempo change and machine gun drums.  Be ready and be grateful.

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Indie · Punk


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