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Zora Jones brings trippy visuals to "Moonstar"

Back in my freshman year of college, I spent a lot of time with my best friend/roommate spent an obscene amount of time with the iTunes visualizer and any videos that would be great for us to trip out on. While those days of being lazy with my friends have long since ended (unfortunately), the Fractal Fantasy group have been busy releasing trippy visuals to killer tracks I would have loved to have been listening and watching back in those days especially, although I'm willing to take it now as well. 

Austrian born Zora Jones brings us "Moonstar," and the track in and of itself is an absolute stunner. However, the combination of the Fractal Fantasy visuals that detail over an airplane of some sort bring the entire package to completion, as it conjures feelings of shock and slight fear in that sexy sort of way. Reminding of the sort of feelings an artist like Gesaffelstein might bring up, or her boyfriend Sinjin Hawke did in a previous Fractal Fantasy video with L-Vis 1990, Jones is sure to be more closely on my radar from now on. 



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