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Maxine Ashley and Pharrell Williams pop in "Perpetual Nights"

Pharrell's been having quite a 2014 already (actually every year's been relatively good for this man), with a Grammy win for Daft Punk and causing a stir with one of the most talked about hats in recent music history. He seems to be continuing this journey of epic coolness with Maxine Ashley's track "Perpetual Nights," which he produced for the young up-and-comer. 

This track takes a Robin Thicke/"Blurred Lines" sound and the visuals follow suite. Edgy, fun, classy, seductive, and entertaining are all certainly words that come to mind in both the track and video, and Ashley absolutely stuns in her ability to captivate her audience. She's got the perfect look for those in their twenties who secretly seek that pop sound without turning to the radio top 40 for the solution. Overall, this track brings out an adult contemporary style perfect for a cool night out. 



Maxine Ashley

Perpetual Nights

  • Krucia Noise
  • February 17, 2014
Easy Listening · Pop


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