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Jimmie Bones raps over Loudpvck to bring together "All Retro"

Jimmie Bones from Huntington Station, New York is an up-and-coming rapper who's been bringing some serious heat lately. His latest visual for “All Retro” is one of his singles on his latest project Trapadelic. Produced by Loudpvck,  the beat is a healthy balance between hip-hop and trap that will attract those that are interested in the fascinating blend of the hip hop and electronic cultures that is going on right now. 

With Loudpvck's brilliant production and Jimmie Bones's strong flow and style, the track itself is a great addition to the original. This combined with the video, which follows Bones and Vinny Chase, highlights that the young rapper is truly on the up and up, and we are excited to hear what 2014 brings for him. 

The video is directed by Jimmie Bones himself and Simile.


Hip-Hop · Trap


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King TuT
7 years ago

“: Jimmie Bones raps over Loudpvck to bring together ... - http://t.co/6b7YV2voF2 @Jimmi3Bon3s @LOUDPVCK”

King TuT
7 years ago

thank you for the post