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Make Olivia Sebastianelli's "Sunset" your Valentine [Premiere]

Stop! In the name of love. Even you cynics of sappiness, even you who are beyond bitter that there are people who actually celebrate a “Hallmark holiday” dedicated to coupledom, (is there a term for the “Scrooge” of Valentine’s Day?) -- and even you, who live by the claim, “Music is my boyfriend.”

Because I’ve said that too. But today it’s even closer to true, because I’ve just had my heart stolen by this beautiful ballad “Sunset” and the London lady who sings it, Olivia Sebastianelli. Like a happier, folkier Christina Perri with a bit of Stevie Nicks grit to her voice, Olivia strikes a chord between the bubbly musings of Colbie Caillat and lulling laments of Norah Jones. And “Sunset” is a gorgeous sunbeam of a song, breaking through the wintery clouds; a warm outpouring of emotion and that takes us above the city streets and into a place of serenity. In the concrete jungle, the ability transport us out of the chaos is basically the equivalent of being swept off our feet. The lyrics mention “a stolen afternoon” and wishes of “freezing one moment in time,” simplifying the huge concept love and two hearts in the universe, and forcing us to recognize the significance of each passing moment in the here and now.

Olivia adds insight saying, “‘Sunset’ was written about 3 years ago in my garden. I just sort of sat down with my guitar and it just happened. It's basically about being with someone who makes the world seem like it just belongs to the two of you if only for a few stolen hours.”

Stream the song below and before you profess your undying affection for Olivia, maybe get to know her via the socials below. And now back to skepticism with a side of subwoofer.

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