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Jordy Dazz and Bassjackers release electro banger, "Battle"

Sometimes the word "banger" gets thrown around too often in the electro house scene, but every now and then a song comes around that fully embraces the term.  And when the song is produced by Dutch DJs Jordy Dazz and Bassjackers, the term is perfectly apt.  "Battle" is their full-on, no-frills, electro house banger. The track contains no anthems, extended breakdowns, or elegant melodic sections of any kind, just a buildup that jumps straight into electro synth stabs on an intense beat that will attempt to melt your face off. And when you think it's over, it builds it right back up, and we do it all over again.  Arguably, this is electro house done right in its simplest and purest form, and easily one of the best electro house tracks of the year so far.  So check it out below, and grab a quality copy off Beatport today. 

Stream:Jordy Dazz, Bassjackers - Battle (Original Mix)


Jordy Dazz & Bassjackers

Battle (Original Mix)

  • Doorn (Spinnin) Records
  • 2-10-2014
Dance · Electro House


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