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Andrea rings new Cashmere Cat "Wedding Bells"

As the electronic music industry gains more and more popularity through artists like Flume, Stwo, and Cashmere Cat, so does an emerging sub-genre known as "Future Garage" - a softer style that typically features sultry chords and artfully off-kilter 808 drums. Coming straight from France on his new release, Paris-based Andrea just hit us with a hot remix of Cashmere Cat's "Wedding Bells." 

The track features cool synths and deep bass displaying elements of both trap and house, showing just how proficiently Andrea can join styles. And the vibe he creates will definitely make you want to go to sleep to this record just about every night for the next week. No doubt, this song is more than worth the free download, and Andrea is absolutely someone to look out for in the future. 

stream: Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells (Andrea Remix)



Cashmere Cat

Wedding Bells (Andrea Remix)

  • 2014-02-09


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