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Sepehr's new 'Cupid' EP delves straight into the heart of house [Exclusive Stream]

With an insatiable amount of sounds so readily available, it’s easy to get lost in them and feel the monotony after a while. But sometimes tracks, no matter how simple or extravagant, can really hit us in a new way. I truly believe Sepehr has done just that in his new Cupid EP. These sounds feel almost inimitable. Unique and captivating, but refreshingly familiar. It’s the combination of these familiar sounds organized in a new way that really keeps the music enticing and insightful. 

“Cupid” is the best of both worlds, featuring a radiating bassline, and house-reminiscent vocal chops. “The Paragrapher”, my personal favorite, follows the same format but adds an eerie and melancholy melody, creating a special dimension that helps set it apart. On top of that, we have remixes of “Cupid” by Sacha Robotti and Lars Moston that make for impressive reinterpretations to the EP-titled track. This EP is a solid new favorite and a welcome new addition to a well-known genre. 

Stream: Sepehr - Cupid (Original Mix)

Stream: Sepehr - The Paragrapher (Original Mix)

Stream: Sepehr - Cupid (Sacha Robotti's Angel Dust Remix)

Stream: Sepehr - Cupid (Lars Moston Remix)




  • No Brainer Records
  • 02/07/2014
Dance · Techno


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