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Lenkemz and Slick Don get scrambled in "Can't See U" video

Lenkemz, Slit Jockey Records, and Slick Don along with Lewis Hackett of Prefix Studios might have created the trippiest things I or anyone will see this year; and it's still just February. The video is like a grime music fueled digital nightmare with Slick Ron's distorted verses and scrambled face. The whole 8-bit video style is something we've seen before in Lenkemz's previous creation "Sewin Coins", but "Can't See U" is pure lunacy. Seriously, watch it a few times and see if you're the same person afterwards.

Slit Jockey Records is a Philadelphia based label and boasts a whole slew of underground electronic music releases from Warrior Queen, Kano, DZ, Starkey, Poirer, Kaiser, 8Bitch, Vex’d, Rustie, Numan, Bombaman, and NastyNasty among others.

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