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Tomas Heredia gets mixing, talks inspiration and releases "Memories of You"

As the beginning of 2014 rolls on, we've been pretty diligent here at EARMILK about introducing you to and reminding you of the next best thing acts in music. So this week say hello again to Tomas Heredia, a part of a new wave of dance music producers hailing from Buenos Aires. He's got a slew of proponents, some of whom are the most important tnames in dance music, including Armin van Buuren. And now he's got another single out this week entitled "Memories of You," a gorgeous study in trance music. Out fittingly on Aropa Records, Dash Berlin's platform for up and coming artists, "Memories of You" is a beautiful showcase of Heredia's style and ear for the production of good melody.

As a celebration of this release, Heredia has given us a special minimix to enjoy as well as some insight into his background and many inspirations in his life. And it's clear - looking up to composers like Jean Michel Jarre will give you a great base to jump off from musically. All in all, we can't wait to see what else is in store from him in the coming year!

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EARMILK: Who inspired you to get into music?
TOMAS HEREDIA: My biggest inspiration was Jean Michel Jarre. The moment I started to listen the music of this guy, I figured out that I wanted to do electronic music.
EARMILK: What is the inspiration behind this next release, "Memories Of You?"
TOMAS HEREDIA: Well, the title answers itself, haha! The track is a reinterpretation of the good memories I have of someone I care about. I think it's good to get inspiration from those moments you always have alive in your mind.
EARMILK: What other artists inspire you, dance artists or not?
TOMAS HEREDIA: Within dance music, I get inspiration from Protoculture, Orjan Nilsen, Aly & Fila, Sean Tyas, and Armin. Outside of dance music, I would name Bach, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone and believe it or not, Mr. John Mayer!
EARMILK: What is it you hope to accomplish when creating music?
TOMAS HEREDIA: I hope people will enjoy everything I write, and take it with them beyond hearing it at a club or on a radio show. Each track tells a different story, so I hope they can find themselves within one of these stories.
EARMILK: Buenos Aires is breeding a generation of trance power players. You all collaborate frequently, such as Chris Schweizer and Heatbeat - what is your relationship like? 
TOMAS HEREDIA: We're all great friends, and share moments in the studio together, and we all hangout a LOT, haha! It's so nice when you have guys with similar ages and doing the same as you. We are a great team and will do our best to take Argentina to the best spot in dance music.

Tomas Heredia

Memories of You

  • Aropa Recordings
  • AROPA036
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