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Orthy's explores the ins and outs of dream pop on our premiere of the EP E.M.I.L.Y.

Austin's Orthy sings about unadulterated love in his newest release, sporting a carefree and laid back vibe that draws listeners in with mellow soundscapes of electronica. Infusing his music with just the right amount of off-beat spunk in juxtaposition with a straightforward tug Ian Orth holds our interest where less confident producers would elect for the easy, predictable route. His newest offering, a five song EP entitled E.M.I.L.Y., is never dull as he infuses typical house textures into an indie forefront that can sometimes even purposely fall off-key leading to truly unique sounds that are all held within the confines of pleasant listening.

Maybe the most enthralling track on the EP is "Night Touch" which features an almost drone-like vibe through the front-end, led by a dark yet equally buoyant synth line. Be reminded that this is also the longest song of the five so know that it grows throughout into a climax of stuttering sequenced vocals that will leave listeners salivating for more.

Utilizing guitars as if they were another electronic component, much like a typical synth line, Orth backdrops what would otherwise be wholesome harmonious beats with a sense of realism in "Oasis".

Stepping back from the soundscapes and honing in on the lyrics we are reassured that love is a venture best experienced with at least hints of assurance. This is apparent through the bulk of the EP as Orth echoes his verses throughout in order to push a feeling into focus as the supporting instrumentals also push the same mood. 

Rounding out the EP, Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio even pays a visit remixing the opening track into a distinctly different take. Baio reconstructs the track without added any new elements which makes for a seamless transition from Orth's original music.  

So forget about all of the unrealistically sappy or morbidly dry stories of love that flood the scene and dig in to Orthy's personalized take on his relationship where heartbreak is completely out of the question.



  • Dither Down
  • 01-28-2014
Dreampop · Experimental · Indie


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