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Memorecks creates 'Trouble' with new EP

You might know Canadian producer Memorecks, from his recent collaborations with Zeds Dead, but he has also packed a lot of talent in his solo projects, including his newest Trouble EP. The title track "Trouble" features vocals from Jenna Pembowski and we also get treated to three different remixes of the track from the duo Free n Losh, Riggadale, and Hugh Hardie. On the B-side, the track "Eighteen" also features vocals from Pembowski and the lyrics throw back to Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen", but are far from rock n roll.

Free n Losh's take on "Trouble" keeps it nice and chill, but ditches the dubstep-type builds and replaces it with some tight percussion and glitching breaks in the vocals. Hugh Hardie changes up the vibe completely by adding some serious funk and picking up the tempo a ton to make it a bit more fitted for the dance floors compared to the other slower versions. And lastly, Riggadale chops and distorts the heck out of Pembowski's vocals, while maintaining a dark vibe with the slow builds, and he adds some synth transitions to ease you in and out of the darkest parts of his remix.

Although Memorecks slows things way down with these chill electronic tracks, this EP has a mesmerizing energy that you won't want to miss. Check out "Trouble" and "Eighteen", and don't forget the remixes below.


Drum and Bass · Dubstep · Electronic · Trap


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