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Buy a ticket, "Ride The Thrill" with Scenic [Download]

Of course Scenic is from Australia. Australia seems to be the new Canada, packed coast to coast with talented musicians. “Ride the Thrill” comes at the tail of two EPs. The mainline is psychedelic rock, but the track wets its feet in electronic with an arpeggiated bass that rolls like Midwestern hills. 

Upfront psychedelic guitars and Orbital drums do most of the work here. The bright female vocals and hip-hop beat do a nice job of mixing ethereal with visceral. Swimming with delay with reverb, “Ride the Thrill” is a nice headspace. Wild synth licks with grounding piano come at the tail, trailing the remainder, however, the song doesn’t ride into the sunset just yet. The percussion doubles down, and the chorus returns for one more finale.



"Ride The Thrill"

  • Future Classic
Indie · Psych-rock


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