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Born I and Justine release music for Jedi's with new video "Champion"

We all love a success story, and new music video “Champion,” released as a collaboration between Born I and Justine is just that, an exuberant, classic hip-hop track with authoritative lyrics, a pulsing drum part, and soul-searching string orchestration. “Music for Jedi’s,” as Born I and Justine rap together in one verse. Ghanaian-American artist Born I hails from Washington D.C., and expresses a unique mix of street-styled hip-hop and rap verses infused with electronic club music in both his creations and performances, having worked with the likes of Akon and Mobb Deep.  

 It was recently described as “Buddhist hip-hop,” in an article on the online faith site Patheos, and was quoted as saying, “If I can bring different sounds together, I can bring different people together; if I can bring different people together, then we can begin to see that we’re really not that different at all. That’s how we’ll change the world.”

Justine is also a mover and shaker herself, as the heart of NYC-based collective Fiera Music, and a professional songwriter for Sony/ATV. Involved with the Korean pop industry, she was behind artist Baek Ji Young’s enormously popular hit “Good Boy,” back in 2012 amongst others. Fiera has several meanings in different languages, and a few interpretations are “expert, skilled, and to have confidence in,” all of which are applicable here. 

The video itself is set against a classic view of the NYC skyline, a city where people truly do rise to the top, and the urban feel contained throughout is palpable. Inspirational lyrics, to the effect of “When the moment’s right, you’ll know,” complete the intense lyrical tale that Born I and Justine have spun together on “Champion.”

 On Friday, Justine debuted as the featured artist on Sony Music Entertainment, and the Kickstarter to record her initial EP has already reached 87 percent, with a cover of Eminem’s “Rap God,” going viral with 734 views in just three days. The Korean division of Sony has released new single “Champion” with Born I Music worldwide, available on both ITunes and Vevo. As they say in the video, everything is falling into place, and it appears that trend will continue.

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