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Maxo Kream pulls licks to "Get That Shit," in new video

Immediately following the radio broadcast sample that starts "Get That Shit" off , listeners are immediately confronted with a strange and haunting phrase: "I don't f**k with you friendly ass N***as." Indeed, in the world of gangsta rap, the one who is coldest, grittiest, and meanest, normally is the that stands atop the food chain. In a way, this is one of the toughest and mind-boggling adlibs to kick off a song, which is mostly concerned with trapping and robbing. However,  these eight words perfectly represent their originator, Maxo Kream's, entire persona and style. 

If Maxo and this song had come out in 2005, it would have been entirely possible that Kendrick Lamar and his crew from "The Art of Peer-Pressure" would be cruising around, bumping this at the most ignorant of levels, on their way to commit home invasion. This Houston native revels in playing in the darker shadows of trill and trap music. Rarely does he hint at having a conscious, but regularly comments on his insatiable hunger for both money and power; his music plays like the soundtrack to urban version of American Psycho. Luckily, Maxo has found a way to portray all of this anger, ambition, and desire through intricate lyrics, while weaving a variety of his city's influences into his music. His street trill style is a recipe that is too hard to put down, making fiends out of its listeners. 

"Get That Shit" is his latest video and features his fellow Kream Clicc representatives mobbing, smoking, and drinking—on their worst behavior, not caring who sees, but hoping they are jealous. Maxo and Jay Money, who contributes a solid verse on the song, both stare down at the camera, wielding hand guns and sucking down blunts; actions that both intimidate those who may hate or want to beef and showing that they are living the good life. Majority of the scenes are filled with smoke and men showing off their designer clothes, with mean mugs on their face. "F**k a truce, we go to war," Maxo delivers devilish lines in  trunk fulls, looking demented, as if Satan , the king demon himself, has possessed the young rapper.  

Maxo Kream and the rest of the Kream Clicc offer something truly unique and harrowing. There may be scarier rappers out there, especially in this subgenre, but none do with such a sociopath type mentality. Picking up his Quicc Strikes mixtape is a great way to begin your descending journey into the Kream world, which is filled with screams, guns, and great music.

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