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Madeaux and Molly lead 'The Way' with new EP

Not much is known about Madeaux other than his residence being the Internet. Yet as the online world shows time and time again those who remain anonymous only increase the fascination around themselves. If you've released just music and no image or personal info, you create an interpretation of yourself based solely on your sound.  Madeaux originally came off as a downtempo producer that often dabbles in funk. Today EARMILK has the premiere of Madeaux's latest work, The Way. The EP will be released on Syzygy Records, who only recently started releasing music. The two tracks feature lyrics from Molly, a 22 year old songwriter and EDM vocalist.  

From the dreamy start of "The Way" we are hit with sensual singing. Easily one of the most memorable traits of this track is the distorted lyrics over top of Molly's voice. The two tones out pacing each other really grabs your attention before the music comes crashing in with a mix of bright synths and heavy kick. "Ten Things" is a much more midtempo track with a stark beat that is woven with glittering and interesting samples. Molly outshines herself once again in this short and sweet vocal chorus before Madeaux brings back his glitch structure. This EP is just a taste of Madeaux's bigger idea before he releases a collection of work in the spring. Both tracks can be downloaded for free from Madeaux's Facebook page. 

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