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SAVOY - Self Predator [Album Release + Ticket Giveaway]

 There is a special authenticity that exists in the world of live electronic music. And whether it's from the relationship with fans, intimate live performances with mesmerizing production or just the robust, pay-what-you-want releases, SAVOY's got it down right. Today, the American group is releasing their latest album online entitled Self Predator. Listened from front to back, it's an album that if you've seen the guys before will make you nostalgic for their show, and if you haven't might inspire you to head out to see that impeccable percussion work in its glory in person. We hear a little more glitch hop inspiration here as well like in "Bizzy," and some super fun sampling that's demonstrated in "I'm in Need (MVP)." Overall, Self Predator is super futuristic and a full on electronic journey to travel on.

And luckily, after letting Self Predator allow us to get hyped about both the release and the famous lasers SAVOY is known for, it's lucky for us that they're starting to go on tour this week. The tour hits a multitude of cities throughout January and February, and we've got two tickets to give away to one of their most in demand shows: The House of Blues Chicago on January 31st. Buy tickets HERE, or win tickets below!

Stream: SAVOY - 02 Mind Over Matter

Stream: SAVOY - 03 Five Stars

Stream: SAVOY - 04 Bizzy

Stream: SAVOY - 05 Cata (w/ LoBounce)

Stream: SAVOY - 06 Perfect World

Stream: SAVOY - 07 Queen

Stream: SAVOY - 08 I'm In Need (MVP)

Stream: SAVOY - 09 Back to Life

Stream: SAVOY - 10 UGH

Stream: SAVOY - 11 R&R

Stream: SAVOY - 12 So Bad (w/ Bright Lights)

Stream: SAVOY - 13 Guesswork

Stream: SAVOY - 14 Prey for New York

Stream: SAVOY - 15 Nothing Stays the Same (w/ LoBounce)




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