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Real Estate - "Talking Backwards" [Video]

Real Estate was originally formed in the state of New Jersey, and are drawn to the calming melodies of indie rock. The quintet quickly made a name for themselves after the release of their self-named debut album back in 2009. They've played at major festivals which won over large numbers of loyal fans across the country by implementing soft their signature soft singing and their overall feel-good style. Their sophomore album, Days, received just as much critical acclaim was their first which solidified their staying power in the music scene.

Real Estate has stayed quiet since the end of 2011, but that prolonged moment of silence has finally been broken. Last year, they announced they were indeed in the process of recording a third album named Atlas. And just recently, they threw a teaser single at us to gnaw on. The single is called "Talking Backwards", and it continues to stay true to their style. The easy-listening style will no doubt please those who have just stumbled upon this band, as well as satisfy those who have followed them since the beginning. "Talking Backwards" itself has a very mellow tone throughout the duration, which resembles the style of classic chillwave. Look for the full album via Domino on March 4.

In the mean time, watch the official video of the tune below to get a glimpse of what's to come in the near future.

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