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EARMILK Interview: Heartbeat(s) + Exclusive Mix

LOL Boys have decided to take a hiatus and start focusing on their own directions in their music careers. One half of the duo Markus Garcia, who now goes by Heartbeat(s), weighs in on what’s going on for him and the future of his music which he has described as, “…house music. There’s elements of techno, rap, R&B, and even tinges of experimental ambient.” Those sound like intriguing combinations, and cover a broad spectrum of genres. It'll be interesting to see how he utilizes these elements in his new tracks.

Heartbeat(s) has also prepared a mix so enjoy this introduction to his new beginning!

EARMILK: Tell us about your time with LOL Boys?
Heartbeat(s): LOL Boys was an awesome time. When I sit back and look at what we did and how we did it, I'm truly impressed. I never thought we'd get to where we were or reach that many people. We were just 2 dudes who met on a message board sending ableton projects back and forth. We got to go to Europe twice: Prague, Paris, London. I heard our songs playing at Urban Outfitters. I still hear them being played by djs. It's all very crazy for me. 
EM: Why did you decide to go a different route?
H: After "Changes" came out it was beginning to get to the point where our musical vision was separating. Where we both wanted to make our own music and stand out on our own. We thought it would be better in the long run. There's that old adage "If you love something, you'll let it go."  We hung out a while back and might be working on some tunes together again or something you never know.
EM: Where did the name come from?
H: I was watching tv and there was something on that I was like hmmm. I couldn't decide between "Heartbeat" or "Heartbeats," so I put the "s" in parenthesis and just went with it.
EM: In your own words how would you describe your sound?
H: At it's very core it's house music. There's elements of techno, rap, r&b and even tinges of experimental ambient. I am sort of all over the board. Let's be honest it's 2014 almost and we've got the internet and with access to so much music and sounds. I can get influenced by so much and i just love to make music. So sometimes I might just write a tune thats pianos and fingersnaps. Then make a beat for a rapper. But I try to make heartbeat(s) have this sound thats influenced by Chicago house.
EM: Let’s talk about your childhood; do you grow up playing and producing music? If not when did you start getting into it?
H: I got into music at a young age. I tried to play music and be in bands. Mostly punk rock or hardcore stuff. I always played around with drum machines and synthesizers. I even tried to make beats in reason. But what really got me into was I shared a house with Flosstradamus. Around that time I met the dudes in Gatekeeper too. I just started watching them and learning from them. Then building on that I started to get serious about it.
EM: What kind of music were you into growing up?
H: Mostly stuff under the punk rock umbrella. Thrash, emo, hardcore. All that kind of stuff. Everything from Joy Division to Black Flag. Also, Rap music. I grew up in St. Louis so I heard a lot of southern rap on the radio.
EM: How has your taste evolved?
H: In many ways my taste is ever changing. Kind of like the seasons. I listened to all R&B and rap over the summer. Now I'm listening to a lot of that same thing but way more techno and house. I wouldn't say my taste evolved. It's just open. 
EM:If you were stranded on an Island and could only bring 3 things what would they be?
H: This is hard, is there electricity? i mean i'd want to make tracks. If no electricity I'd guess I'd bring a book, a hatchet, a pen.
EM: Let’s chat about the latest release, King Krule “Will I come”. What made you decide to go with King Krule? Are you a fan?
H: I am a huge fan of King Krule. I started listening to him when he'd put out stuff as Zoo Kid. 8prn and I have been collaborating on beats since the summer. He made a remix of King Krule's "Cementality" and was getting on my case to do one too. And I have another friend that one of the first musical things we shared was King Krule. And I thought I'd make a remix for her to jam out.
EM: If you could collaborate with an artist (dead or alive) who would it be?
H: This is hard. So I'll shoot out a few Aaliyah, Brian Eno, Kanye, Drake, Biggie, Armando, Mr. Fingers, Boddika.
EM: Tell us about “Home Remedies”, where did the name for that come from, where did you find your inspiration for that one?
H: "Home Remedies" was inspired by a lot of old house and techno records. I'd research old chicago and Detroit and London sounds. Also, listened to a lot of Bambounou, French Fries, Actress, Anthony Naples, Madteo, and rap mixtapes. The name was sort of a play on some of the old house records I'd find that had house in the in the title. Since this was my interpretation of my new and old influences, I called it "Home Remedies." It was also a very therapeutic release for me. 
EM: What are you currently working on?
H: I'm working some EP's for some labels. As well as just building an arsenal of tracks to play when I dj. I have a track coming out called "Gina" and another "Spring Break, Cancouver (SBC)" coming out soon. As well as some remixes. I've also been working on tunes with 8prn. Then Me, 8prn, Rook Milo, Cheffers and Jean Brazeau are also a part of the ASL Singles Club. Which is a record label meets clothing label meets art collective type thing. Looking forward for our releases in the late winter with Cooper Saver, Sharda and Sleepyhead. Also working on these scented candles. Yeah.
EM: Lastly, tell us a fun fact about yourself.
H: I am afraid of electricity and I love to cook. My instagram is full of food stuff I do.
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