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EARMILK Interview – Borgeous

American producer Borgeous is entering 2014 with quite a year behind him. But after hits like "Tsunami" and collaborations with record labels like DOORN and Spinnin', he's showing no signs of stopping. Still riding high on the motivation he's gained from his string of massive electro club hits, the Miami-born DJ is currently on a world tour where he most recently made a stop at New York City's iconic Webster Hall. We got to catch up with him after the show to hear his inspiration behind his next single due out January 20th entitled "Invincible," as well as his reflections on the past year. 

EARMILK: What inspired you to get into music? 
Borgeous: I've always been a fan of all types of music growing up. As I got little older I started messing around with like Reason and Fruity Loops and doing more urban beats as time went on I stepped into the dance world and took more of an interest into that. As I make music now I use a lot of different elements from all genres I grew up listening to and apply it to stuff I make now. 
EARMILK: What has been the hardest thing you've encountered in this industry so far?
Borgeous: In the beginning for sure trying to get my name out there and stay focused and keep putting out good content for people to listen to and just hoping that people take notice and things blow up. I would say the hardest part is that time frame where you have to stay focused and driven and just keep going until you accomplish your goals. But even then when you get to that point now you have a lot of pressure and eyes on you so you have to stay even more focused then before and keep the momentum going. 
EARMILK: How would you describe your production style?
Borgeous: Diverse. I did "Gangsterous" where I sampled Dr. Dre and a few other hip hop samples and remixes. Then of course "Tsunami" and "Stampede." Now I have Invincible which is completely different then all of those. So if I were to use a word to describe my style I would say diverse. 
EARMILK: Where did the name Borgeous come from? 
Borgeous: My last name is Borger, in LA people couldn't say my last name right so people started calling me Borgeous and it just stuck. It's been about 5 or 6 years now of people calling me that. 
EARMILK: What's the story behind your next single, "Invincible"?  
Borgeous: I just wanted to show people I can do other things besides these remixes and these big room drops and songs. I wanted something that sounded beautiful and had lyrics that people can relate to and sing along to. I'm very passionate about this song and very excited for it's release. 
EARMILK: 2013 was a huge year for you – do you feel like you've "made it"? 
Borgeous: 2013 was a huge year for me it's be an amazing ride but if you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you I'm never really satisfied and I always want more, so never once have I ever sat back and celebrated "Tsunami" and "Stampede" and having back to back #1 songs in any way. I just stay focused on getting to where I want to be and reaching my goals. I don't ever think I would be like "I've made it" no matter how big it gets. I just want to keep making music for my fans and play shows for all my fans. 
EARMILK: Do you have a special approach to your live performances? 
Borgeous: Yea….Lots of ENERGY! INTERACT with fans!! And do it different then other people do and have my own way and style of doing things. 
EARMILK: How was performing at Webster Hall this past weekend?  
Borgeous: Webster Hall was amazing! NYC had amazing energy! People came out with Borgeous signs…."Borgeous Stampede Me" sign sticks out the most for some reason haha. But yea Webster Hall was awesome! Can't wait to be back! 
EARMILK: What are you looking forward to most in 2014?
Borgeous: 2014 basically I'm in the studio like crazy working on all new music. I have a lot of cool stuff coming out very soon. Also just looking forward to being on the road on my tour. I love seeing my fans and meeting them. 

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