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Phony Ppl - "Baby, Meet My Lover"

Phony Ppl is band from Brooklyn, New York, and the fact that this isn't a well known fact already is a travesty. For the past four or five years, the collective of young musicians have created some quality underground records, which definitely command their peers' respect and the public's attention. Their live performances have been highly rated and widely talked about throughout the Tri-State area; blending live instrumentation, boom bap sampling, lyrical emcees, and beautiful singing vocals, they have a little something for everyone. 

"Baby, Meet My Lover" sheds the conscious rap group image that many wrongfully place on them, and finds the group heading a more sultry R&B route. Crooning about the anguish that being in love with two women brings, the musicians have come up with a plan to solve these woes: introduce each lover to one another. It is hilariously unrepentant, but so well done that you begin to question your own morals. However, if they ever have a followup song and it turns out that these move actually worked, it might become the standard tool used by men everywhere. 

If there is one thing you do today, it should be heading to Phony Ppl's bandcamp. There you will find an archive of all of their older work, all of which are well done in their own right.

Hip-Hop · R&B


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