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Wolfgang Gartner - "Piranha"

It seems like only yesterday when my quest to find Deadmau5-like complextro led me to "Wolfgang's 5th Symphony", a track that breathed new life and creativity into the often trite classical music remix. No surprise then that a few months later the collaborative creation of these two heavyweights ("Animal Rights") dropped, hinting at a bright future for the California-native, electronic artist. Since then, Wolfgang Gartner (aka Joey Youngman) has built an empire in this cutthroat industry through his inventive releases, stunning live performances, and highly-selective label, Kindergarten Records. Today he releases his own track,"Piranha", on the imprint, a flawless electro/progressive work complete with vocal sirens and infectious synths: running chord progressions flow behind ominous, crystal clear mids until the track comes crashing down in mass-filled majesty.  If you want to see it live, look for his upcoming shows in New York, Florida, and Las Vegas.

Stream: Wolfgang Gartner - Piranha (Original Mix)


Wolfgang Gartner


  • Kindergarten Records
  • 20131217
Dance · Electro House · Progressive


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